Watch the Video in this post: DM / IDC / MSDT / Full-Pro-Package coming up

Watch the Video in this post: DM / IDC / MSDT / Full-Pro-Package coming up

Have you seen how an IDC with us can look like?

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Preparing for your IDC

Preparing for your IDC

Did you ever wonder how you can best prepare for your IDC before it even starts?

Contact us, we have it all set for you. You can join us for 3 days before the IDC starts and we will get you prepped up.
You can work on your in-water skills and we will train with you so they are perfect and look cool.
We will go into the dive theory sections where you feel you need to improve
During an orientation you will already get an overview on the instructor manual so it feels familiar from day 1 of your IDC.


Join your IDC with us – get all the information you need

Join your IDC with us – get all the information you need

Time to act. Our next IDC and MSDT prep starts soon. You still have time to get your info package and then sign up. Just enter your info in our registration form and we will send you are info package and one of our Course Directors will follow-up with you by phone.

Start your journey into your new diving life. We will get you all set for success in diving. We take care of more than just the IDC and IE. We will make you an instructor which every Divecenter wants to have in their team!

Building Coalitions on Land to Help with Underwater Clean-ups

Building Coalitions on Land to Help with Underwater Clean-ups

Admit it, you’ve got them. I know I do. We’ve all got them. And, as much as we’d like to convert them, we will probably always have them. I’m talking about our non-diving friends, of course. But, if you’re like me, you’ve likely tried to explain the virtues of diving to them; the exhilaration and simultaneous feeling of relaxation, the unimaginable beauty and enchantment, and the unyielding desire to be in the water as much as possible. They don’t understand it though. Not really. They see the world as a terrestrial realm, not an aquatic realm. My non-diver friends are the reason I took up underwater photography. I wanted to show them what they could not see for themselves. I wanted to show them a part of the world they could only imagine.

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As it turns out, one thing I and my land-loving buddies have in common is the environment. We all want clean water, even if some of us only use it when we’re thirsty. Since my dried-out pals don’t dive, I realized they probably have no idea about the darker side of the underwater world: Marine debris. Yeah, they hear about it here and there. But there’s nothing like a diver who’s been there, seen that, and has pictures of it. And, let me tell you, those pictures can be just as impactful as any shot of a sea turtle, octopus or whale shark.

The PADI 5 Star CDC I work with, Emerald Sea Divers, has been in business since long enough to know our underwater world looked much cleaner in the past than it does today. So, when I asked for help with Dive Against Debris surveys, it wasn’t hard to find divers who were interested. And, because we all share the goal of clean water, it’s also not that hard to find non-divers willing to help. While the divers are busy… diving, the non-divers help with diver check-in and check-out procedures, organizing land clean-ups, taking pictures, and sometimes making lunch.

One of the luckiest connections I made with a non-diver was with Justin Hobbs, the park manager of our local dive park. This is the park that surrounds Woahink Lake, where we do most of our training dives and most of our marine debris surveys. Justin has become an indispensable ally in our efforts to clean up the lake. I keep him in the loop of our planned clean-ups and I give him regular updates and send him pictures of our results. He makes sure we have the space available we need to conduct clean-ups and he and his team responsibly dispose of the debris after we bring it ashore and categorize it. This alliance is immensely valuable.

Justin is always amazed by the things we bring to the surface. He has expressed his gratitude and thanks to our divers many times. But without him and his team, our successes would require so much more work. Our new non-diving friends at the park deserve major credit for helping make the world a better place. Now that they see what’s down there, they happily do their part on land to support our efforts underwater.

What world do your non-diver friends see? If you show them the world we see, they may or may not become divers, but they might just become valuable partners for Dive Against Debris. So, next time you do a survey dive, ask your land-locked friend to get involved. You may be surprised how helpful non-divers can be for our underwater activities.

Contact Project AWARE at, PADI at or 1-800-729-7234, or us for more information. Let’s help Project AWARE fulfill its mission of “connecting the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation.” Show others the world we see and let’s change the world to the way we want to see it.

Emerald Sea Divers and COVID-19

What is the current situation in relation to the virus in the Cayman Islands?
The Cayman Islands has reduced the threat of COVID-19 to near zero through a widespread screening program and since 24th August 2020, no longer mandates distancing or masks. We’ve been working to create a safe environment for our visitors, who have come to expect a certain esteemed standard of luxury, adventure, relaxation and indulgence from the Cayman Islands.

Cayman was early to introduce an extensive PCR based screening program at its ISO accredited laboratory. We have designed and implemented best-in-class testing protocols, tracing procedures and public health solutions to manage the threat of COVID-19 to near zero. Visit for more information.